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Radio 82, side A, track 2: “Better Man” by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam - Better ManOh, Pearl Jam, this blog now has some cache because you have now graced us with your presence.  I know it’s crazy, Pearl Jam, but I forgot how ridiculously awesome you are.  I’ve always felt very hipster-ish about you because I’ve always felt very “I totally knew them before they were a thing”.  Which is true.  Because I hard ordered the Coca Cola New Music Sampler, which included a song called “Alive” by this unknown band called Pearl Jam.  Of course, as with all things, I didn’t completely commit to y’all, so I have a working knowledge of your stuff, as opposed to my wife, who was very much into the music scene around the time this song came out, so she has some strong opinions about “Vitalogy”.  She’s much cooler than me.  She recently recorded “Singles” off of HBO because I’d never seen it, and I definitely enjoyed seeing and hearing you.  You were so YOUNG, Pearl Jam.  I guess we all were at some point.

Anyway, I know this song, but I’ve never really paid attention to it.  As per usual.  Good lord it’s great, Pearl Jam.  Like, it was great before, but now it breaks my heart, too, now that I know what “can’t find a better man” actually means.  So glad to have you on the blog and I hope this won’t be the last time we chat.

lyrics to “Better Man”

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