Radio 82, side B, track 12: “Sailing” by Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross - SailingOh, Christopher Cross, 1980 must have been a weird time to be a pop music fan, huh?  As the DJ said, this was the #1 song in August of that year, so you had this on the airwaves right alongside The Clash and Prince.  I guess it’s not that much different than my own radio-taping days in my formative years when I was listening to Motley Crue and LL Cool J alongside Bette Midler and Kenny G.  I can’t say that this song is my cup of tea, Christopher Cross, but I do love the way you sing the main chorus.  And it’s a good reminder that the ’80s were the high point of radio integration, with songs from all ends of the spectrum beaming into our ears.

lyrics to “Sailing”

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