Radio 83, side A, track 2: “Jet Airliner” by The Steve Miller Band

Jet Airliner - The Steve Miller BandOh, The Steve Miler Band, this is another one of those songs that’s always just existed for me.  I know it by heart, but I don’t know where I’ve ever actually heard it.  Were I a smarter man, I’d write a long post about my fascination with songs that utilize modern (for their time) technology as a central theme.  And how in a few hundred years, singing about a “jet airliner” is going to seem super old-fashioned because we’ll all have personal teleport devices or at the very least we’ll finally get those flying cars we’ve been promised.  And in a hundred years after that, someone’s going to be amused by songs about flying cars and personal teleport devices because something even better has been invented.  Unfortunately, I’m not that smart, so instead, I’m going to just listen to this song again and start getting anxious about my next plane trip.

lyrics to “Jet Airliner”

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