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Radio 83, side B, track 2: “Step By Step” by Eddie Rabbitt

Eddie Rabbitt - Step by StepOh, Eddie Rabbitt, is this our first bona fide country song on here?!?!?  I think it might be.  About time, too.  While I fully embraced my pop radio stars as a kid, I grew up in farm country, and while I certainly enjoyed my Ozzy Osbourne and Bell Biv Devoe, most of my friends and neighbors were not on the same wavelength.  I was pretty derisive of country music in my teen years, I think that was one of the few things I did to rebel against my elders.  Even though secretly I was just as familiar with George Strait and Travis Tritt and The Judds as everyone else.

I’ve definitely come back to appreciating country music as a genre.  And as a little kid, I didn’t know that I was supposed to be “too cool for school”, so enjoying country music was just a matter of course.  And I’m really glad that you’re the first big country star to show up on here, Eddie Rabbitt, because you were always my mom’s favorite.  I grew up in the days before there was such a thing as preschool, so I was home pretty much all the time up until kindergarten.  And I fondly remember my mom playing all kinds of records on the stereo.  The artists in the heaviest rotation were The Beach Boys, The Oak Ridge Boys, and you, Eddie Rabbitt.  My mom had a big ol’ crush on you.  We used to call you Bugs Bunny to tease her.  But I totally get why she felt the way she did about you, Eddie Rabbitt.  You knew how to sing.  Boy, did you know how to sing.  And you knew how to rock a beard.  And your hair was pretty amazing, too.

I think my mom’s not the only one with a crush. . .

lyrics to “Step By Step”

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