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Radio 84, side B, track 2: “Drivin’ My Life Away” by Eddie Rabbitt

Eddie Rabbitt - Drivin' My Life AwayOh, Eddie Rabbitt, AAAAAAAAH!!!!  Another one of your songs!!!!  Sorry, Eddie Rabbitt, but I get a huge, joyous injection of nostalgia any time I even hear your name, so I’m super excited that we have another one of your songs on here so soon after we’ve already been blessed.

I grew up in the era of CB radio (my handle was “The Little Dutch Boy”) and trucking culture and I think in another life being a trucker may have been my chosen profession.  I used to love to drive.  As soon as I got my learner’s permit, I drove all over the countryside.  My driver’s license untethered me from the farm and I took any opportunity I could to get the hell away from it.  I was always super nervous driving around in the “big city” of Marshall or Pipestone (they had literally thousands of people living there after all), but give me the open road and functioning radio and that was the life.

Not such a big fan of it anymore, Eddie Rabbitt.  Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and I’m realizing that any time in a car or plane is wasted time I’m not getting back.  I’ve increasingly become obsessed with the idea of transporters a la “Star Trek” or portals like in the “Hyperion” series.  Just imagine how much more productive society would be if we could work an extra day here and there because we didn’t have to worry about travel time?  Or maybe even save a few lives from accidents?

Younger me would be horrified by this idea, Eddie Rabbitt.  The idea of a job where I was alone for hours or days at a time with just my thoughts and the radio sounded pretty amazing.  And without truckin’, we wouldn’t have songs like this.  Disregard all that bullshit about transporter beams, Eddie Rabbitt, we’ll get get those American flags to Wal-Mart the old-fashioned way.

lyrics to “Drivin’ My Life Away”

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