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Radio 84, side B, track 11: “Justified And Ancient” by Tammy Wynette and The KLF

KLF - Justified and AncientOh, Tammy Wynette and The KLF, I kinda remember this one but what I didn’t remember was that everything surrounding the song is amazing.  Maybe amazing isn’t the right word, but what the hell is happening here, Tammy Wynette and The KLF?  What I REALLY want to know is how did Tammy Wynette get involved and what did she think of this whole thing?  I mean, she’s obviously all in, but I gotta think that halfway through the video shoot or even just reading the lyrics, she had to be thinking “What the fuck did I sign up for?”  Well, I don’t know how they pitched it to you, Tammy Wynette, but I’m really glad that you decided to sing about Mu Mu Land and that magical ice cream truck.  I’m making this an official theme song of this blog, because I absolutely don’t understand what I just heard but I absolutely love it anyway.

lyrics to “Justified & Ancient”


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