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Radio 85, side A, track 3: “This Love” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - This LoveOh, Maroon 5, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s another excellent song.  Whatevs.  I won’t spend too much time THIS time talking about my disdain for Adam Levine, but it does make me think about my disdain.  Not just for A-Lev, but for my assorted nemeses.  I have a few, Maroon 5.  But the thing is, I’m pretty much the only person who doesn’t like them.  I literally cannot handle being in the same room with them, but everyone else, including my loved ones, are just fine with them and even think they’re downright pleasant.  So what does that say about me, Maroon 5?

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but it seems like my whole life, I’ve needed to have at least one person in my life who I viewed as an enemy.  I don’t understand it and I don’t like it; although I guess I kinda DO like it, because there’s some part of me that seems to enjoy wishing nothing but the worst on some fairly innocuous people.  And making sure that they know that’s how I feel.  It’s pretty gross, Maroon 5.  I would imagine this is the part where a better person would realize they’re spending too much time on all that hate and would try to turn over a new leaf.  Sadly, I’m not a better person.  So I’ll continue to hate on your lead singer and grudgingly love your music.

lyrics to “This Love”


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