Daily Archives: September 25, 2017

Radio 86, side A, track 3: “BOB’s 9@9 promo: 1999”

1999Oh, BOB, we’re about to hear more music from one specific year!  And this time it’s 1999?!?!?  It was a helluva year, BOB.  I don’t know that I necessarily remember it all that well, but looking at that Entertainment Weekly cover, you bet your ass it was the year that changed movies.  “Blair Witch Project” forever traumatized me.  “The Matrix” blew my mind.  And “The Sixth Sense” blew my mind even further.  This was the time of my life that I was absolutely certain I was going to spend the rest of my life writing screenplays and making movies.  You can guess how that all turned out.  I don’t really want to re-live any of those moments, but I’m looking forward to hearing what I was listening to while I had delusions of grandeur.

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