Radio 87, side A, track 2: “Looking Through Patient Eyes” by P.M. Dawn

P.M. Dawn - Looking Through Patient EyesOh, P.M. Dawn, well damn!  I remember y’all from back in the day, but you weren’t ever on my radar and now I know why.  You were way too deep for a teenager like me.  Hell, you’re way too deep for me now.  But back then, as much as I’d have liked to believe I was this amazing, deep thinker, I wasn’t able to comprehend much more than a few Milli Vanilli lyrics (no offense, Milli Vanilli).  At least now, while you’re still way beyond my realm of comprehension, I can at least appreciate that y’all set poetry to music quite literally.  “I caress the infinite light”?  Good God, P.M. Dawn, that’s some next level shit right there.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that you’ve got some George Michael samples in there, too.

lyrics to “Looking Through Patient Eyes”

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