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Radio 70, side B, track 6: “The First Time” by Surface

The First Time - SurfaceOh, Surface, damn this song is good.  Pretty sure that I was totally in love with the idea that I’d break down crying the first time I looked into a girl’s eyes because my heart was just so full of love for her.  It’s a pretty nice idea, Surface.  But also pretty sure, after years and years of showing women that I was a sensitive guy who would cry at the drop of a hat, that what it actually showed is I couldn’t keep my shit together.  It’s rare that I cry anymore, Surface, so when it does happen, my wife thinks I’m unbelievably stoic and sensitive.  It’s taken me a long time to learn that less is more.  I’m not saying that you guys steered me in the wrong direction or anything, Surface, but. . .

lyrics to “The First Time”

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