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Radio 86, side B, track 9: “America” by Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond - AmericaOh, Neil Diamond, AAAAAHHHHH!  So excited to have you on here!  I can’t believe this is the first song by you that I recorded off the radio, Neil Diamond.  You are an amazing artist.  You’re one of my favorites.  And if we just traveled around the country blaring this out some speakers, immigration debate would be all over.

There are a lot of things wrong with our country and its history, but songs like this aren’t one of them.  You boil down in a little over 4 minutes the great promise this country has and the beacon of hope it stands for.  I’m making this an official theme song for the blog to remind me that when I’m getting worked up about some of the awful things that are happening and have happened in this nation, this song exists because of all the awful things that DIDN’T happen and WON’T happen because of the American ideal. I love you Neil Diamond.

lyrics to “America”

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