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Radio 70, side B, track 12: “finding Jamie a date”

Dating TeensOh, KISD FM, that’s it.  This is the very last track I ever recorded off the radio during my formative years.  It was December 31, 1990.  New Year’s Eve.  My favorite day because of all the possibilities the New Year had to offer.  I was 15.  Still waiting for my first kiss.  My first date.  Graduation.  College.  “The real world” (this was before there was a TV show called “The Real World”).  And on the radio, my buddy Monty Foster was trying to find some schmo like me a date.  It sums up things pretty well, KISD FM.  Always looking for love, with only the radio to keep me company.

It’s been a helluva run, KISD FM.  When I started this blog in late 2011, I didn’t realistically think I’d stick this thing out through all 70 tapes, but nearly 1700 posts and over 10,000 (!) subscribers later, here we are.

A lot’s happened in the five years since I started this blog.  I married my special lady friend.  I lost those close to me, both human and animal.  I hated my job, then loved my job, then loathed my job, then didn’t care about my job.  I experimented with different blogs and tried different ventures to keep myself entertained and try to put a positive dent in the world.  I fell in love with all number of TV shows and books, including my current love affair with “Stranger Things”, plus “The Leftovers” and Dan Simmons’ Hyperion series.  I fully embraced my love of comic books and discovered that I usually have the most interesting conversations with those under the age of ten.

And through it all, you were here, KISD FM.  I knew that for at least a few minutes every day, I’d get a chance to take a break, kick back, and listen to some awesome song or some silly clip or just something that would bring me back to the days where I was cloistered away on a dairy farm but dreamed of the wide world and its possibilities.  And you brought a lot of that world to me, KISD FM.  What other radio station could a kid listen to The Ramones and Bette Midler and Ratt and Kenny G and The Cure and LL Cool J and They Might Be Giants, sometimes all in the same hour?  I was pretty naive about the world in general, KISD FM, but my musical tastes could stand up to any city kid thanks to you.

But now it’s time to say good-bye.  For whatever reason, I stopped recording music off the radio once 1991 rolled around.  I’m sure I thought I had better things to do, what with a driver’s license looming on the horizon, but hindsight being what it is, it sure would have been great to have heard what 1991 and beyond sounded like through my old stereo’s speakers.  I don’t think it was too long before you changed your format to an oldies station anyway, KISD FM, but one of my regrets is that I didn’t stick with you to the end of a great radio run.

But it’s all behind us now.  My tapes are now mp3s and I can listen to any of the songs I ever taped right here any time I want to.  It’s a dream come true, especially for a kid who used to have to fast forward and/or rewind a whole bunch to get to his favorite song in the middle of a tape.

This isn’t the end of this blog, KISD FM.  But it won’t be the same without you.

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