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Radio 75, side B, track 12: “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves

Katrina and The WavesOh, Katrina and The Waves, I don’t know if any other song ever made truly captures that moment in your life when you find yourself at the height of happiness better than this one does.  Not just when you’re newly in love, but also just one of those days when the stars are aligned and everything’s right with the world.  Granted, I haven’t had one of those days in awhile.  The last “walking on sunshine” day I can remember was June 26, 2015.  I had the day off from work, it was the beginning of a four-day weekend, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, I went to go see “Mad Max: Fury Road” and it was awesome, the sun was out. . .to quote the movie, “What a lovely day!”  I remember driving home after the movie, the sun was shining but it wasn’t yet that oppressive Texas heat, I had the window down and the wind was blowing through my hair, it was just the kind of day that, well, where you’d expect to hear this song playing.  For a couple hours, everything seemed right with the world and I didn’t have a care.

It’s probably not the best sign that I can tell you the specific date when I was last really and truly happy.  And don’t get me wrong, Katrina and The Waves, I have a wonderful woman in my life, great friends who have great kids, pets that are generally not awful, plenty of hobbies that make people happy, so all that combined, you’re bound to have moments of pure joy just based on the law of averages.  I’m just saying, even if I were one of the happiest people on Earth, and I’m clearly not, but even if I was, even then I would be hard pressed to match the unfiltered joy of this song.  So thank you, Katrina and The Waves, for bottling it up for us to enjoy when we need it.  And I sure as hell need it.

lyrics to “Walking On Sunshine”

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