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Radio 75, side B, track 11: “Live And Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings

Wings - Live and Let DieOh, Paul McCartney and Wings, holy shit do I want to watch this movie again now!  Goddamn I forgot how much I love this song!  And it’s only 3 minutes long, which kind of blows me away.  In my head, it always felt like this epic ten-minute extravaganza.  This really takes me back, Paul McCartney and Wings.  I loved me some James Bond as a kid.  It seemed like ABC had James Bond movies playing all the time.  I don’t know if I watched them all, but I saw “Diamonds Are Forever” and “A View To A Kill” and “Dr. No” and of course this one.  I don’t know which one was my favorite.  It’s hard to pick.  All I knew as a kid was that James Bond was cool as hell and he kissed all kinds of pretty girls.  Tons of images are flooding through my head right now of this movie, like Roger Moore kissing a beautiful young Jane Seymour after tricking her with some fake tarot cards, that beautiful young black woman in the bikini when she sees that voodoo thinger on her pillow and she starts screaming, Roger running across the alligators. . .I have GOTS to watch this movie again, Paul McCartney and Wings.  And of COURSE we can’t forget this song.  It absolutely made this movie.  I don’t know if the movie’s going to hold up after all these years, but if it’s as amazing as I remember it to be and retains half as much awesomeness as this song still does, then I’m in for a great movie-watching night!

lyrics to “Live And Let Die”

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