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Radio XV, side B, track 9: “Monster Hits Weekend promo — Rod Serling/Mars Needs Women”

Mars Needs WomenOh, KISD FM, I had no idea that the “Monster Hits Weekend” was going to be a preview of so many important aspects of my life later on down the road.  This particular promo became a learning experience for me.  When they played that little snippet where the announcer says “Mars needs women” and all those women started screaming, I thought that was just some funny bit you guys had put together by mashing up a bunch of different sound clips together.  It never would have dawned on me that someone would actually make a movie entitled “Mars Needs Women”.  Of course, this was just a little bit before I discovered the magic that was “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (made in Minnesota!) and when I discovered that yes, people will make movies about pretty much anything, including “Santa Claus Meets The Martians”, so why not “Mars Needs Women”.?  I thought the phrase “Mars needs women” was pretty awesome when I first heard it, but when I discovered that a whole movie had been made about it, that just made it that much more awesome.

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