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Radio XXXVIII, side B, track 13: “Something About You” by Level 42

Level 42 - Something About YouOh, Level 42, what a great damn song, huh?  And to think, it was only a few years ago that I didn’t even know your name.  Not until I posted about the first song of yours that I recorded off the radio, also a great damn tune.  But the thing is, Level 42, even though I’d loved both of these songs dearly as a kid, and even though I’d finally figured out you sang the last song I posted about, when this song came up on my track list, I had no idea that you sang this one, too.  Cut me some slack, Level 42, did you listen to “Heaven In My Hands”?  Well, go back and listen to it.  I sure did, and not just because I loved that song.  There is no way that anyone could have figured out that the same band that played that one played this one, too, unless they were hardcore Level 42 fans.  All right, that might be overstating a bit, but still, these are two very different songs with two very distinct styles.  That first one was a pure ’80s extravaganza.  This one felt like it could be sung by a gospel choir.  And both of them are superb.  The only thing I know for sure after listening to both these songs is that I have to listen to more Level 42 music.

“Something About You”




How can it be

That a love
Carved out of caring
Fashioned by fate
Could suffer so hard

From the games
Played once too often

But making mistakes
Is a part
Of life’s imperfections
Born of the years
Is it so wrooooooong

To be human after aaaaaaall
Drawn into the streeeeeeam
Of un-defiiiined illuuuuusiooooon

Those diamond dreeeeeams
They caaan’t disguiiiise the truuuuth

That there is something aboutchoo


So riiiiiiiiight

I wouldn’t be withoutchoo


If ever our love
Was concealed
No one can say that
We didn’t feel
Mill-i-on things

And a perfect dream of life

Fragile but free

We remain
Tender together
Not so in loooove
It’s not so wrooong
We’re only human after aaaaaaaaaaall
These changing yeeeears
They aaadd to yooour confuuuusioooon
Oh and you neeeed to heeeeear
The tiiime that tooold the truuuuth

Because there’s something aboutchoo

Baby, you are so riiiiight
I couldn’t liive withoutchoo


<awesome Level 42 jam>



And there is something aboutchoo, yeeeeah

And I couldn’t liiiive withoutchoo

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