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Radio 76, side A, track 4: “When I’m Gone” by 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - When I'm GoneOh, 3 Doors Down, so. . .congrats on headlining the inauguration concert?  Never thought I’d be writing that, 3 Doors Down.  Up until a few weeks ago, if your name was mentioned, I’d get a small nostalgic smile on my face because I remembered your name but not necessarily your music.  Even when it was announced that you’d be heralding in the new president, my main reaction was that they had to stretch way back to get an act.  No offense to you, 3 Doors Down, especially now that I’ve listened to this song again after a long time and remembered that yes, indeed, you make great music.  It’s just that when I think of ushering in an historic new president, 3 Doors Down does not immediately come to mind.  But hey, I’m never going to forget you again, 3 Doors Down.  You’re inextricably linked to Donald Trump as president for all of time.

This is not a political blog, 3 Doors Down.  And it’s not going to turn into one.  But having y’all show up on my track list when you did. . .it’s real hard not to say stuff.  I won’t lie, 3 Doors Down, I had this big long post planned when I realized you were coming up, I was going to use a treehouse metaphor for how I’m feeling things are going (i.e. a pretty cool treehouse got built with what was available, and now the treehouse AND the tree are coming down), but I just don’t have the energy for it.  Maybe I’m still in shock.  Back in September of ’15 I was still in shock that Donald Trump, he of the ugly public divorce battles when I was a kid, was even a viable candidate.  And now here we are.

One good(?) thing to come out of it is I’m reading the news again.  Not a lot.  The NY Times has a “daily briefing” they can send to your email with 10 quick paragraphs of what happened that day.  Since the world is an awful place in general, it’s 10 bitter pills I have to swallow every day, but now I know more about Sean Spicer, executive orders, and the partial cease-fire in Syria than I ever wanted to know.  Progress?

The main problem is just the unease, 3 Doors Down.  I wasn’t happy with how things turned out, but it is what it is.  But in the last week, what with “alternative facts” and media blackouts and federal Twitter accounts going dark, I’m feeling like we might be living in the prequel to “1984”, “V For Vendetta”, or any number of dystopian stories I’ve loved over the years right up until I realized I might be living in one.

I’m hoping this is all a bunch of Chicken Little nonsense on my end, 3 Doors Down, but I truly hope that “love me when I’m gone” is not what we’re going to be singing about America in a few years.  But thanks for providing the soundtrack, I guess?

lyrics to “When I’m Gone”

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