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Radio XLII, side B, track 7: “Oh Daddy” by Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew - Oh DaddyOh, Adrian Belew, I’m pretty sure I only heard this song the one time that I recorded it off the radio, but I loved it immediately and still remembered the lyrics and the music and stuff all these years later.  I always liked the feel of it, like it was a throwback to a ’50s tune in the early years of rock and roll.  At the same time, I’ve also had a range of emotions listening to it.  Part of it makes you out to look like this pathetic rocker with unreachable dreams of stardom.  Another part of it makes me kinda pretty much hate your little girl for having ridiculously high expectations for you.  But then again, it seems like you’re filling her head with all these ideas of you getting a fat Cadillac and buying her Disney World (really, Adrian Belew?  Disney World?  You tell your little girl you’re going to buy her Disney World?  At least you’re getting her ready for a life full of disappointment. . .), so you can’t really blame her for having such high expectations.  But then yet again, there’s also this undercurrent of undying optimism mixed with realistic pragmatism.  For such a short song, there’s certainly a lot going on in it.

I’m thinking that this song resonates with me even more these days since I’m now probably at about the age you were when you first released this.  And I’m more and more cognizant of the fact that all the hopes and dreams I had at the time I originally recorded this song off the radio are rapidly fading into just what they are, hopes and dreams.  The walls of reality are rapidly compressing into the shape of whatever box I’ll be in for the rest of my life.  I still have ideas of what I want to do, but frankly, by the time I get done with work every day, it’s all I can do not to fall asleep on the couch.  Hell, Adrian Belew, the fact that I’ve been able to write up silly little blog posts every day is something of a miracle.

But there’s one lyric in particular in this song that’s stuck with me through the years, and I need to remember that there’s still time to make the fat lady sweat.

“Oh Daddy”

Ohh Daddy
When you gonna write that big

Ohh Daddy
When you gonna hit it real big
Real big

Well, now that’s a taaall request

For such a smaaall little giiirl

But I’ll tryyyy, tryyyy ’til I get it just right
‘Cause I’m gonna make it
Maybe even twice, yeah

<awesome Adrian Belew jam>

Ooo Daddy
When you gonna make it to the big

Ooo Daddy
When you gonna blow off
The lid

Weeell, it’s like a backstage pass

Inta paaaradiiise

There’s a loooong, lonely waiting list

But I’m gonna give it everything I got ta give, yeah

(Oh, Daddy, when ya gonna be a big star)
I got the suit and a pink guitaaar
(Oh, Daddy, when you gonna break it wide open)
I don’t know but I still keep hopin’
(Oh, Daddy, are you gonna make a million bucks)
Aaall it takes
Is a whole lotta luck, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeeeeeeeah

<awesome Adrian Belew jam>

Ohh Daddy
When you gonna have that fat
Like you always said

Ohh Daddy
When you gonna put on some stretch
Pants, yeah

Weell, don’t holdja breath

‘Cause it’ll maaake you bluuue

But the whole opera’s not over yet

And I aim ta make the fat lady sweat, yeah
(Oh, Daddy, when you gonna make it to the top)
Aaall I know is I’m not gonna stooop
(Oh, Daddy, what ya gonna buy your little girl)
Heeey, I’m gonna getcha
Disney Wooorld
(Oh, Daddy, you could hit the jackpot yet)
Like I toldja now don’t holdja breath, yeeah

(Oh, Daddy, Daddy)

Ooo Daddy

(Oh, Daddy, Daddy)

(Oh, Daddy, Daddy)

Ooo Daddy

Hey, I’m gonna buy you Disney Wooorld

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