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Radio 65, side B, track 4: “Angel Of Love” by Ana and Jordan Knight

Angel Of LoveOh, Ana and Jordan Knight. . .ya know what, Jordan Knight, let’s not kid ourselves and think I’ve got anything to say to you.  I ain’t mad atcha or anything, I’m just being realistic here.  If I ran into you and Ana and had to decide who I was going to spend my time talking to, I think we all know what my decision would be.  No offense.

So.  Ana.  How are you?  I of course remember this song really well, and not just because it was on “The Heat Seeker Five Disintegrator.”  What I specifically remember is you singing “ooo boy”.  Oh boy.  Yeah.  You’re a really good singer, Ana.  And you have the voice of an angel.  So it would make sense that you’re singing a song about being an angel of love, because every guy my age who was into girls definitely wanted you as their angel of love.  Hoo boy.

“Angel Of Love” lyrics

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