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Radio 65, side A, track 3: “The Crying Scene” by Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera - The Crying SceneOh, Aztec Camera, the last time we heard a song by you, this blog was almost brand-spankin’ new.  And that track was one of my first forays into discovering the actual names of the bands who sang one of my beloved radio songs.  Because up until that blog post, I’d never heard of you, Aztec Camera.  This was the second and probably last song I recorded by you off the radio, and just like that first one, I hadn’t known it was you singing it until I got to this post.  Now, I’m not going to say I love this song more than I love “Somewhere In My Heart”, because “Somewhere In My Heart” is one of my all-time faves.  But I will say that as soon as you started singing “You only get one hit, that’s the beauty of it”, I immediately remembered this one and remembered that I really liked it when it came out, and it holds up awesomely well after all this time.  As I’m writing this, I don’t know why, after hearing “Somewhere In My Heart” and now this excellent tune, why I didn’t immediately jump onto my Amazon music and track down more of your music since you’re obviously the kind of band I dig and you obviously make amazing music.  So no more time to talk, Aztec Camera, I’ve got some music research to do.  Also, I feel like you’re the kind of band that I could be all hipster about.  “Oh, I totally dig Aztec Camera.  I was really into them before anybody knew who they were.”  I just won’t mention that I didn’t know who you were, either.

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