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Radio 85, side A, track 6: “Manic Monday” by Bangles

Manic Monday - BanglesOh, Bangles, AAAHHHHHH!  BOB has just been finding some awesome songs lately, hasn’t he?  Can you believe that you haven’t been on here for over three years?!?!?  That’s cray, Bangles.  That’s just cray.

I don’t know if this was the first song I’d ever heard by you or if it was “Walk Like An Egyptian”, but I kinda think it was this one.  I have distinct memories of being very jealous of Valentino and wondering what “Let’s go make some noise” could possibly mean.  And that’s before I even knew what y’all looked like.  Phew!  Hotsie totsie!

It was just recently that I learned that Prince wrote this, which kinda blows my mind.  I also just realized after following along with the lyrics that the whole reason you’re running late for work is because you were out late making noise the night before.  I’m seriously jelly of whoever was making noise with you.

Anyway, Bangles, “Different Light” was one of the few real cassette tapes I owned as a kid, and so I’ve heard this song about a million times and if I hear it a million more, it won’t be enough.  Have a great Saturday!

lyrics to “Manic Monday”



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