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Radio 67, side A, track 10: “From A Distance” by Bette Midler

Bette Midler - From A DistanceOh, Bette Midler, I hadn’t forgotten this song, but I’d forgotten how great it is.  And I know it’s horrifying to say, but I kinda forgot how great your voice is.  What I really forgot was how delicate it could be.  Your personality is so larger than life that I only remember your brash and sassy stuff.

I love the sentiments in this one, Bette Midler.  Back when I first heard this song, when I was just newly 15, I loved those sentiments even more, but I’m a bit more cynical these days.

Listening to it did remind me of my coworker’s screensaver, too.  He’s got a screensaver that’s a live feed from the International Space Station looking down at the Earth.  From a distance, if you will.  Of the many pieces of technological wonder that constantly take my breath away, his screensaver is probably the most breathtaking, not just because of the amazing views of our planet, but that it’s so mundane.  This is a screensaver at work, Bette Midler!  I’m filling out a boring old spreadsheet that will ultimately not amount to anything, and right next to me is a live video of the Earth from outer space.  And I’m not in mission control or anything, this is just something you can download to pass the time away.  It definitely helps put things into perspective when I’m pulling my hair out over some insignificant annoyance at work and there’s that screensaver to remind me that no one on the ISS knows or cares that somebody didn’t respond to my email in time.

Anyway, Bette Midler, I wasn’t planning on talking about the International Space Station or my job when I first started listening to this song, but there it is.  Thanks for singing such a beautiful song.

lyrics to “From A Distance”

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