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Radio 86, side A, track 6: “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182

Blink 182Oh, Blink-182, I never paid attention to why the bitch hung up on you.  Now I get it.  No judgement, though, Blink-182.  I wasn’t much older than 23 when this came out, and I can’t say I was any more mature than y’all were in this song.  Frankly, I miss the days of prank phone calls.  I was a freshman in college when The Jerky Boys were a thing, and I delighted in getting drunk and making what I’m sure were absolutely hilarious prank calls.  It IS too bad about call ID, isn’t it?  I could go for a prank phone call right about now.  And a comic book.  What’s MY age again?

lyrics to “What’s My Age Again?”

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