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Radio 72, side A, track 1: “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens - Peace TrainOh, Cat Stevens, what a great way to kick off a brand new “tape” and start the weekend.

When I saw this song come up on my track list, I was originally going to write about a close college friend who the world lost several years ago, and how while I didn’t really listen to your music, she did all the time, particularly “Moon Shadow”, and how it was nice to think about her while listening to this wonderful song even though it also makes me incredibly sad.

And then, while I was looking up the lyrics, I found this cool Peace Train logo, which led me to Google Images, which somehow led me to all the unrest in Ferguson, MO because apparently there was a peace train driving down the street and young black men riding it, wearing T-shirts saying “Don’t Kill Me”.

And then I finally got around to listening to this song and paying attention to the lyrics, and I got all weepy.  Especially this line:  “Out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train.”  Something about the image of that lonely peace train fighting to stay in the light really got to me, Cat Stevens.

So, yeah, Cat Stevens, I went through a lot of emotions in the last half hour preparing to write about this song, and I totally wasn’t expecting it.  This song resonates far more to me now than it did when I recorded it back in ’13, and that’s the best part of this blog.  Which is why this song has become the first Official Theme Song of Mixed Tape Masterpiece from my new millennium recordings.

Also, my wife loves you so much, and since I love her so much, this all worked out.

lyrics to “Peace Train”

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