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Radio 73, side A, track 9: “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay

Coldplay - Viva La VidaOh, Coldplay, you were another band that I knew was a big deal but I just wasn’t paying any attention at the time.  The first 13 years of the new millennium were kind of a black hole for me musically, and now I’m just trying to play catch-up.  Obviously I love this song, and it’s probably only the second or third time I’ve heard it.  The music itself is excellent, and I’m totally digging the lyrics.  Sweeping the streets I used to own.  A puppet on a lonely string.  That’s some good shit, Coldplay.  I get that I’m real late to the party, but thanks for saving the music for me, I’m looking forward to hearing more of your stuff.  Because anyone who made a song this good had to have more of them, right?

lyrics to “Viva La Vida”

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