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Radio XLIV, side B, track 4: “New Music promo: Motley Crue, Dino, and Martika”

New Music promoOh, KISD FM, so apparently school was about to go back in session at the time I recorded this particular promo.  And while the DJ in the promo said that was a bummer, I’ll be honest with you, KISD FM, I was looking forward to it.  Not ALL of it, mind you, but you need to understand that the summers weren’t particularly thrilling for a guy like me.  If I’d loved farming, then sure, but I didn’t, and my summer involved feeding cattle and baling hay and walking up and down rows of soybeans pulling out weeds.  Frankly, school seemed like a vacation.  The only real problem was that I wasn’t going to have as much time to record music off the radio.  That was probably the biggest sacrifice of all.  Not that I wasn’t going to do my darndest to find a way, though, of course, as the many tapes to come can attest.  Luckily, the songs you were promoting on this particular track were already taken care of.  “Dr. Feelgood”?  Got it.  “Sunshine”?  You know it.  “I Feel The Earth Move”?  Got that one, too.  Twice.  But as we all know, KISD FM, you were great at bringin’ the hits, so I knew you’d still be keeping my taping muscles (i.e. my index and middle fingers) well exercised.

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