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Radio 71, side B, track 2: “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains Of Wayne

Fountains Of Wayne - Stacy's MomOh, Fountains Of Wayne, this is the track that let me know I’d made the right decision in starting to record music off the radio again.  It had been a few weeks earlier when for whatever reason I ran across this song on YouTube and I was filled with all kinds of nostalgia.  I don’t know that I have any specific memories of this song other than that I loved it and couldn’t help but smile and sing along to it every time it came on the radio.  Which it did.  A lot.  Thankfully.

Anyway, when I saw that “Stacy’s Mom” was now part of my official collection of radio recordings, this awesome nugget of pop goodness that filled me with that sense of “Oh yeeeeaahhh!  I haven’t heard this in forEVer!”, that’s when I knew for sure that I’d chosen wisely.  I love you, Fountains Of Wayne, and I love you, Stacy’s mom, where you are.

lyrics to “Stacy’s Mom”

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