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George Michael and Phil Collins, the #3 most recorded artists on The MTM 7 Countdown

Oh, Phil Collins, between your solo stuff and your work with Genesis, you had enough hits that I loved and taped to make it all the way up to #3.  And I’m glad you made it, because you had some of my favorites as a kid, especially “Groovy Kind Of Love”.  As an adult revisiting all these tapes, “In The Air Tonight” was another great one.  And you can’t beat “Invisible Touch”.

And George Michael.  Of any of the artists that I re-listened to on this blog, you were the one who I gained much more appreciation for.  If it were up to me, you’d likely be #1 on this thing, if for no other reason than the mind shift I went through listening to “Kissing A Fool” through older ears.  But considering how many songs I recorded off the radio, #3 ain’t bad at all.

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