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Radio 84, side B, track 4: “Live And Let Die” by Guns N’ Roses

GNR - Live And Let DieOh, Guns N’ Roses, is this the first time we’ve had a remake of another song that’s already been on here?  Maybe?  Does it matter?  Anyway, Guns N’ Roses, had I not become more interested in driving and kissing girls, I would have already recorded this song decades ago, but 1991 was the year I gave up radio recording, which is a damn shame since awesome music like this was on the radio.  But thankfully, the radio gods recognize awesome music, so this one’s STILL on the radio.  And just like the original, I can’t believe it’s only 3 minutes.  It seems to be much longer in all the best ways.

lyrics to “Live And Let Die”

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