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Radio 70, side B, track 11: “Remember My Name” by House Of Lords

House Of LordsOh, House Of Lords, so tomorrow is going to be the very last track I ever recorded off the radio as a kid, but this was the very last song.  And I couldn’t think of a better song to bring this chapter of my blog to an end.  I’d already recorded this one once before, but obviously I had to record it again because it was so damn good.  And it still is so damn good.  And it kinda sums up this blog and me pretty well in many ways.  Hell, House Of Lords, the very first lyric is “I heard it on the radio”.  That could have been the title of this blog.  And while maybe singing about making love in the rain isn’t going to quite fit in with whatever metaphor I’m wrangling with right now, I can guarantee you that the 15-year-old boy recording this would have loved to do just that.  Hell, he’d have been happy to make love in a snowbank, in a dumpster, anywhere.  And sure, talking on the phone all night would have been great, too.

But the main reason this song sums up me and my humble blog so much is the title.  Sometimes consciously, mostly subconsciously, my main driving purpose in this short trip we call life is to not be forgotten.  For my entire life, I’ve been obsessed with finding things to distract me from myself and finding a way to make my mark so that when I’m gone there will be something left behind that says I was here.  Hence this blog.  And that blog.  And yet another blog.

I’m a man desperate not to be forgotten because I don’t know what’s on the other side and maybe if there’s something of me lying around in some dusty corner of someone’s dusty room I won’t really be gone.  Scared of life and scared of death.  Fun times, House Of Lords.

So, yeah, House Of Lords, this is a song that definitely deserves to be an Official Theme Song of Mixed Tape Masterpiece.  The LAST theme song from those stacks of tapes I’ve been obsessively posting about for the last 5 years.  Even when it hasn’t, it’s been fun.

lyrics to “Remember My Name”

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