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Radio 82, side A, track 1: “Runaway” by Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson - RunawayOh, Janet Jackson, oooo, a new 9@9!  And in 1995!  That’s the height of my freshman year of college when I started watching a LOT of MTV.  Although I don’t know if I completely remember the video for this one, I watched it just now and kinda love it because you’re jumping around the world like Spider-Man.  That would make a helluva team-up, you and Spidey saving the world with the power of dance and awesome music.  I honestly don’t think I knew that this song was called “Runaway” because I never actually realized that’s what you were singing in the chorus.  No surprise, since I clearly never heard any songs correctly, and during college when I was mostly getting my music through MTV, I was very much distracted by all the imagery.  So this particular song doesn’t have the most memorable memories for me (does that make sense?), but I love it so regardless, and I’m really excited to see what BOB unearths from the year I stopped being a teenager.

lyrics to “Runaway”

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