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Radio XI, side B, track 3: “Ready For Saturday Night” by Joanna Dean

Oh, Joanna Dean, or should I say Janis Joplin?  Seriously, Joanna Dean, this song still makes me believe that you were channeling Ms. Joplin’s voice through your own.  Not to take anything away from your performance, of course, because holy mackerel, Joanna Dean, you can belt out a tune like nobody’s business.  Normally, a song about a girl wanting to party would fill me with delight, but I’ll be honest with you, Joanna Dean, it seemed to me like an evening partying with you was going to end up with someone with a black eye and a few people in jail.  I love this song, Joanna Dean, it’s good old-fashioned rock and roll, but to me it also represents a whole group of ladies I’ve known throughout my life.

There’s a certain type of lady who was hot stuff in her twenties and partied hard and never stopped, and suddenly she’s fifty and the tight pants and huge hair and the drinking and smoking and all that’s the same with a long list of ex-boyfriends and an even longer list of jobs she’s been fired from, but where it used to be pretty fun and hot back in the day, now it’s just pretty sad.  If she could sing like you, Joanna Dean, that might be something, but she can’t (although she’ll think she can on karaoke night after several Buds).

But ya know what, Joanna Dean?  Who am I to judge?  Maybe I don’t approve of how those ladies have lived their lives, but I guarantee they’ve got way more cool stories to tell than I ever will.

“Ready For Saturday Night”

Gonna paint up my ’55 Chevy
Get a six-pack and take a ride
I’m puttin’ Memphis in my rear-view mirror
Headin’ towards the Arkansas line

I’m gonna see my sweet young thing
An’ give him what I know he likes
‘Cause I just got paid, I’m feelin’ cocky an’ crazy
Ready for Saturday night

Well, I’m ready
Ready for Saturday night

Wired up, fired up, ready ta fight
I’m ready
Ready for Saturday night

Now I don’t give a damn about nothin’
I’m out on the edge tonight
Gon’ smokin’ on down from Memphis town
An’ there ain’t no law in sight

My radio is blastin’
An’ my engine is a’singin’ along
It’s mighty sweet music I’m hearin’
When I hear that highway song

Doncha know I’m ready
I’m ready
Ready for Saturday night

Wired up, fired up, ready ta fight
Ready for Saturday night

C’mon, boys
Show ’em how!

<awesome Joanna Dean jam>

Aaaaa yeah!!!

No, I can’t get enough of that night life
Ain’t enough time until the dawn
All the food’s run out, an’ I gotta howl
Go runnin’ all night long

Baby, you got your hand on my throttle
Not leavin’ here until you blow my mi-mi-mi-mind
Oh, I might feel like hell tomorrow
But I gotta rock toniiight!
I’m ready
Ready for Saturday night
Hey, I’m wired up, fired up, ready ta fight
I’m ready
Ready for Saturday Night
I’m ready
I’m ready for Saturday Night
‘Cause I’m wired up, fired up, ready ta fight
I’m ready
Ready for Saturday night

Woah, Saturday night!

Yeah, I want Saturday night!

Hey, ya wa wanna go?
Are you ready?
(Ready for Saturday Night)

I said are you ready?
(Ready for Saturday Night)
Yeah, Saturday Night

I’m ready for Saturday night


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