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Radio 61, side A, track 7: “Baby, It’s Tonight” by Jude Cole

Jude Cole - Baby It's TonightOh, Jude Cole, you represent a quandary that I typically try to avoid.  At the beginning of every post, I provide a link to each artist’s home page to hopefully drive a little smidgen of traffic their way for people to either catch up on what my beloved radio stars are up to these days or to discover them for the first time.  I’ve never heard back that that strategy’s ever worked, but hopefully I’ve helped unite or reunite some old and new fans to some great music and artists.  The one thing I don’t do, though, if I can help it, is spend too much time on that site, especially if it’s a blog, because at the end of the day, I don’t want to know what y’all are thinking.  I want to believe you exist in this beautiful other where you are defined by nothing but the music that’s made me so happy over the years.  It’s why I also try to avoid music videos and talk-show interviews so that the music is just between me and the song.

So this time out, your website took a couple extra minutes to locate, and it was a blog, and the first post was a strident post about terrorism and I did a little extra digging to make sure I wasn’t accidentally linking to a different Jude Cole.  But I wasn’t.  It was the right place.  I read a couple other posts, against my better judgment, in which I discovered you’re an ardent Trump supporter, not a big fan of Muslims, and don’t think Mitch McConnell is conservative enough.

None of those things are inherently bad, Jude Cole, but you just seem so darn angry.  Which is why I stopped reading and writing political blogs years ago.  Right, left, moderate, socialist, whatevs, every single one I’ve ever read is some version of angry, snide, outraged, condescending, self-righteous or some ugly combination of those things.  Which made me those things as well.  So I tuned out and focused on the things that matter to me.  Like this blog.  Or “Mystery Science Theater 3000” getting 14 new episodes.

Anyway, as I was listening to this great song of yours that I’ve loved forever, I was trying to think about what to write about this one, the whole time going back to your angry blog and wondering if I’m ever going to be able to reconcile my memories of this song with what I know about you now.  And I decided, screw it, I’ll write about that.  Because unfortunately, every time I hear “Baby, It’s Tonight” from now on, I’m going to picture you angrily pounding out furious screeds instead of just smiling happily as I sing along.  Oh, well, Jude Cole, it’s not the end of the world, right?  Well, you might think so. . .

Bottom line, it’s likely we’re not going to agree with each other on a lot of issues, but we can both agree you know how to make an amazing song.

“Baby, It’s Tonight”

<awesome Jude Cole jam>

Wonchoo pick up the phone

‘Cause I know thatcha home

Too many words have not been said
For us to be living alone

Now all of the fighting

And all of the tears

They don’t matter now

Another night falls
Dark and lonely

You’re the only one that
I can turn to

If I ever neededjo arms ta hold me
Baby, it’s tonight

If I ever needed yo eyes ta heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

So come hold me close

And show me thatchoo still care

Let’s take it
To where it all began and start again from there

‘Cause there’s no way out

As far as I can tell

I’m walkin’ in a world’a strangers
You’re the only one
Really knows me

If I ever needed yo arms ta hold me
Baby, it’s tonight

And if I ever needed yo eyes ta heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

Ah ha ha

If I ever neededjo arms to hold me
Baby, it’s tonight

And if I ever neededjo eyes ta heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

Baby, it’s tonight

Woncha please

Pleeeeeease pick up the phone



Don’t leave me ta face this world

All alooooone

Take some time

Ohhh, yeah

‘Cause baby, it’s tonight

If I ever neededjo arms ta heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

If I ever needed yo arms to hold me
Baby, it’s tonight

Ah ha
If I ever needed yo eyes ta heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

Woah ho

Baby, it’s tonight

Baby, it’s tonight

Baby, it’s tonight

Baby, it’s tonight

Woah oh

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