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Radio 80, side A, track 6: “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry

Katy Petty - Hot N ColdOh, Katy Perry, I’m not super familiar with this song because this was big during the pop culture drought I was in for about 20 years or so before my wife forced me to get a smart phone and I discovered Spotify.  I’ve listened to it several times since my reawakening, and it’s a great tune.  But I’ll be honest with you, Katy Perry, something about it left me cold (see what I did there?).  Maybe it’s because of the Tears For Fears song that just showed up a few days ago that reminded me of “1984”, but there’s that scene in the book where they talk about the department that just makes TV shows and music for the masses and they just throw some lyrics to together with no real point, just something to keep the populace distracted and subdued.  Kinda felt like this song might be something they’d make.

It’s not meant to be a dis, but I can see how you’d take it that way.  And maybe it’s just me being a cranky old man, but it seems like female singers from 2000-2010-ish all kinda sounded the same with a few exceptions.  That’s a super unqualified statement/assumption, to be clear, it’s just an impression I have as I’m listening to some of these songs for the first time.  Again, cranky old man here, but if you tell me something’s a Katy Perry song, that doesn’t mean anything to me necessarily vs if you said that’s a Tina Turner song or a Paula Abdul, those are very distinct voices.

I don’t know, Katy Perry, I’m talkin’ out my ass.  I really like this song, so I don’t even know what my problem is.  I’m hot and I’m cold apparently.

lyrics to “Hot N Cold”

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