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Radio XXV, side B, track 2: “Silhouette” by Kenny G

Kenny G - SilhouetteOh, Kenny G, this is why my radio station was so awesome.  Yesterday, we listened to a song by a band called RATT that involved singing about shooting heroin.  Today we get to listen to a smooth jazz saxophone instrumental by you.  What a great time to grow up in, huh, Kenny G?  To have a radio station that plays Bon Jovi and The Beatles and Rick Astley and Debbie Gibson and A Split-Second and even you, Kenny G.  There are a lot of radio stations that talk about their great mix of music, but I think the presence of this song on this blog is proof positive that my radio station had all those other radio stations beat.

So I don’t know that I can say that I love this song, Kenny G.  There are few genres of music that I don’t like, but smooth jazz skates dangerously close.  Fair or not, smooth jazz is the soundtrack of elevators and waiting rooms and other places that are designed to be boring and uncomfortable and awkward.  No offense to you or any smooth jazz fans.  But I just can’t get excited about smooth jazz.  I mean, it’s smooth jazz.  The name itself sounds boring, even with the presence of jazz in it.  Whatever, Kenny G, you’ve clearly made a butt-ton of money, you enjoy what you’re doing, and you’re willing to make fun of yourself (see below).  And while I may not be a huge fan of your work, I appreciate that you were able to highlight how great my radio station was.


<awesome(?) Kenny G jam>

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