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Radio 81, side B, track 9: “Beth” by KISS

KISS - BethOh, KISS, I’ve never been particularly familiar with your music, though I think several of my aunts and uncles really liked your stuff when I was a kid, because I feel like I remember seeing a lot of your posters and such, and I remember being fascinated with all the imagery associated with y’all, but the music, not so much.  My only real taste of your music was the two songs I recorded off the radio as a kid, and that’s back when you were in your no make-up period, which was just a weird time to be a KISS fan, I’m sure.  The songs were good, but I don’t know that I knew you were the ones who sang them, and I honestly hadn’t known it was you who sang this one either.  It’s a fantastic song, to be sure, but I still can’t shake this impression that you’re talented adjacent and came up with a unique angle to sell yourselves.  I’m pretty confident we’ll have some more of your songs on here, KISS, so let’s see if I’m proven wrong.

lyrics to “Beth”

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