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Radio 84, side A, track 2: “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc.

Lipps Inc - FunkytownOh, Lipps Inc., y’all were from Minneapolis?!?!?  I’m gonna be there in like a week!  This is such a kick-ass song, and it was created in the same state I grew up in?  That’s really awesome, Lipps Inc.!

Look, Lipps Inc., I know that it’s weird to be so excited that we’re from the same state.  I mean, you don’t see people from California flipping out every time they discover an actor or singer or someone is also from there.  But as a little kid, I didn’t believe anything of any import happened in my state, and while I now know that’s not true, there’s still this part of me who is immediately excited when I find out someone from Minnesota made something cool and amazing.

I’ve always thought this song was great, but now I’m going to be extra proud every time I hear it and I guarantee I’ll let everyone around me know that you and I were in the same approximate geographical area at one point.  Because that kind of thing really impresses people.

lyrics to “Funkytown”

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