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Radio 85, side B, track 11: “Who Can It Be Now?” by Men At Work

Men At Work - Who Can It Be NowOh, Men At Work, if this song don’t describe ain’t none that do.  Seriously, Men At Work, these are the thoughts going through my head pretty much all the time.

As of this writing, one of my cats is missing.  She’s always been in the house, but through a series of unfortunate events, she’s escaped and has been gone for going on 4 days now.  I’m not doing well with it, Men At Work.  But I’ve been looking for her, believe you me.  My neighborhood is plastered with yellow signs asking for any and all information about my missing friend.

If you want to know what an introvert’s nightmare looks like, Men At Work, lose a precious cat.  Because it meant I had to go out and walk through my neighborhood going door to door and asking if people had seen her.  The good news is that I’ve discovered there are a lot of wonderful caring people in my neighborhood who are genuinely concerned about her whereabouts.  But it’s been an internal nightmare.  Going up to the door of a complete stranger.  Absorbing that initial moment where they’re looking at you with distrust and trepidation.  God forbid they want to make small talk.  It’s a genuine relief when someone doesn’t answer the door and I can just put the flyer in their mailbox.

Frankly, I’m surprised at how many people answer the door at all.  If I hear a knock, I’m firmly in your camp, Men At Work.  “Go ‘way.  Don’t come ’round here no more.”  Worst time of year?  Halloween.  I dread it.  We do everything we can to make our house look as unwelcoming as possible (luckily my wife’s an introvert, too).  Which means we just don’t decorate it at all.  The idea of dozens of people interrupting my routine for the night is horrific.  So I guess that fits since it’s Halloween.

Anyway, Men At Work, I’ve always loved this song, but as I’ve gotten older and accepted my lot, I relate to it more now than ever.  If my cat ever makes it back home (when!  WHEN she makes it back home), I hope she appreciates the suffering I’ve had to endure to get her back.

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