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Radio 53, side A, track 7: “New Music promo: Michael Penn, Kevin Paige, and the B-52’s”

cassetteOh, KISD FM, as I was sitting in my bedroom recording all these songs off the countdown, I totally forgot that there was also hot NEW music to be had.  Thanks for the reminder.  So what do we have coming up?  Something by Michael Penn?  Already got that one, KISD FM (and it was great).  A new one by Kevin Paige?  Intriguing.  We haven’t heard from him in a few tapes, and the last one I recorded was pretty great, so very optimistic about that one.  And the B-52’s, eh?  Now that’s VERY exciting!  I can’t imagine anything’s going to top the last song I recorded by them, but the snippet I heard definitely sounded promising, so thanks, KISD FM, for making me even MORE excited about the new year!

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