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Radio 80, side A, track 11: “Hey Baby” by No Doubt

No Doubt - Hey BabyOh, No Doubt, “Tragic Kingdom” was a big deal for me.  That’s where I fell in love with Gwen Stefani and her voice.  But by the time this came out, I wasn’t really listening to music for whatever reason.  So I don’t really have any strong feelings one way or another on this one.  Although I can never not be in love with Gwen’s voice.  Of course, now I’m seeing a lot more of Gwen these days since my wife is watching “The Voice”.  And if you would have told me back in the ’90s that I’d be getting a steady diet of Gwen Stefani, I’d be pretty exuberant about it.  And Gwen’s fine, I guess.  Except Blake Shelton?  Really, Gwen?  If this is the guy you’re picking as your man, I think that calls into question your judgement in general.  Which would kind of negate being a judge.  Hopefully we’ll get some tunes from the “Tragic Kingdom” days on here where I can go back to a time where there weren’t things like “The Voice” or Blake Shelton or a world where I kinda don’t care about Gwen Stefani anymore.

lyrics to “Hey Baby”

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