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Radio 76, side B, track 1: “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's PartyOh, Oingo Boingo, I can tell you exactly when and where I first heard this one.  It was whenever we first rented “Back To School” on VHS, so I had to have been around 10 or 11.  Man, I love me some “Back To School”, Oingo Boingo.  I also love “Weird Science”, which is where I heard the only other song I know by you.  I really can’t believe that I don’t know more of your music, Oingo Boingo.  I’m a fan of nerdy pop and just saying your name makes me happy.  So I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

If you said tracking down some of your music, you’re half-right, Oingo Boingo.  I might also have to see if I can convince my wife that we should watch “Back To School”.  Just watching the clip of when this song was in the movie (see below), brought back so many great memories.  Like thinking Danny Elfman looked creepy as hell.  And “Maybe you can help me straighten out my Longfellow”.  HAHAHA!  Miss you, Rodney Dangerfield.  And is it random that Robert Downey, Jr. was in both movies where you had a song in it, Oingo Boingo?  Or did y’all have the same agent?  And what does it mean that in “Weird Science” he played the douchey frat guy and in “Back To School” he played the quirky outsider?  So many questions, Oingo Boingo, none of which I’ll get to the bottom of.  Also, how the hell was this not on the “Beetlejuice” soundtrack?

lyrics to “Dead Man’s Party”

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