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Radio 83, side B, track 10: “Mama I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming HomeOh, Ozzy Osbourne, I guess I was about 16 when this came out?  That doesn’t seem right, but numbers don’t lie.  I feel like I’ve know this song all my life, but 16 isn’t really that old, so basically I have.  It’s too bad I was so worried about your demonic personage back in the day, Ozzy Osbourne.  Maybe if I’d known you as the mumbling bumbler of “The Osbournes” I wouldn’t have been so scared to seek out your music as a kid.  Because every time I hear one of your songs, I’m always captivated by your voice.  Maybe I’m just attracted to it because as a kid your music was purported to be dark and dangerous and this is my way of flirting with the dark side.  Who knows, Ozzy Osbourne, but I’m just glad I wasn’t so scared that I didn’t listen to ANY of your music.  That would be REALLY scary.

lyrics to “Mama I’m Coming Home”

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