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Radio 82, side B, track 5: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best ShotOh, Pat Benatar, last time we talked about this song, it was a discussion of how the first version I heard of this one was by The Chipmunks.  Which seems appropriate, because unbeknownst to me, because of the nature of cassette tapes, I’m realizing that I kinda heard the Chipmunk version of all my radio favorites.  I don’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but now that I’ve moved on from my cassette tapes from back in the day and have been recording the music digitally, I’ve noticed that the tempo for the songs I recorded starting in ’13 are just a teensy bit slower than what I remember.  Like this one.  I was listening to it just now, and I’m like “Give Pat some coffee or something!  What’s going on?!?!?”  Because when you listen to this and then you listen to the version I recorded off the radio all those years ago, the Pat of my tapes is a slightly coked-up version of the Pat of reality.

It’s pretty fascinating, Pat Benatar, that I’ve been listening to the songs “wrong” all these years because my cassette tapes or the players that I used or whatever presented the music slightly differently than intended.  I mean, it’s not really wrong.  How can something be wrong when it sounds so right?  And were I a more intelligent and less lazy man, I would go all longform on here and talk about the nature of perception, maybe talk about how my wife’s mom used to edit movies so they were more palatable for her kids (for example, my wife had never seen that scene in “Gremlins” when Phoebe Cates talks about her dad dying in the chimney dressed as Santa Claus; but I think Gremlins in blenders were a-ok) so her memories of what happened in the movie are different than mine, that kind of stuff.  Unfortunately, I’m not that intelligent and I am that lazy, so instead what I’m going to do is stop typing and listen to this song again, maybe even both versions that I’ve recorded, since either way it’s an awesome tune.

lyrics to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

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