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Radio 81, side A, track 8: “Let My Love Open The Door” by Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The DoorOh, Pete Townshend, I’ve heard this song a lot, mostly because as a kid I watched “Look Who’s Talking” a lot because we had taped it off of Showtime and this one played over the end credits.  I think that’s when it played. . .it was on “Look Who’s Talking”, Pete Townshend, I’m almost completely sure of it.  If it wasn’t, then it was some other movie we recorded off of Showtime.  Until pretty recently, I had no idea that you were the one who sang this.  And that’s all I’ve got for you, Pete Townshend.  I always thought it was a pleasant, generic song and that hasn’t really changed.  Maybe if I hadn’t heard it in the context of a talking baby movie, things would be different, but I really enjoyed that talking baby movie, if that helps at all.

lyrics to “Let My Love Open The Door”

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