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Radio 76, side A, track 8: “No Reply At All” by Genesis

Genesis - No Reply At AllOh, Genesis, has it really been almost 4 years since you had a song on here?  That’s just cray.  And now here we have one I’d never recorded before.  And. . .I have no reply at all.  That’s not just me trying to be clever, Genesis, this one just doesn’t resonate with me.  I thought it would.  I swear I’ve heard this one before and really liked it, but now, I don’t know.  It sounds kinda disjointed and off.  Maybe it’s the nature of this particular recording, maybe it’s because I’m facing another week of work and I’m grumpy, I don’t know.  In any event, this is surely just an anomaly.  And this surely can’t be the last song by y’all that I recorded off the radio, so don’t worry, I’m definitely listenin’.

lyrics to “No Reply At All”

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