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Radio 73, side A, track 10: “Perfect Way” by Scritti Politti

Scritti Politti - Perfect WayOh, Scritti Politti, I didn’t know this song.  And I didn’t even know it was you who sang it.  Hell, Scritti Politti, the only song I had recorded by you back in the day, which I loved, I didn’t know who you were until I wrote about it back in 2012.

But none of that matters, Scritti Politti.  What matters is that this track was when I was introduced to the 9@9 on BOB.  Every day, at 9 AM and 9 PM, BOB played 9 songs from a specific year.  And after they played the songs at 9 AM, they would post what songs they’d just played.  Do you know what that meant, Scritti Politti?  It meant, for the first time since I’d recorded music off the radio, I would know EXACTLY what songs were going to be on the radio at a specific time!!!  I was like Doc Brown and Doctor Who and Wolfman Jack all rolled up in one!

After this momentous discovery, part of my daily routine would become to check BOB’s website to see what songs played at 9 AM so I knew if I should fire up my boombox for that night.  I had already recorded a plethora of treasures off the radio, but I was about to reach the promised land.  Even better, the songs they played on the 9@9 were by and large not songs in their regular rotation.  Like this one.  Which I hadn’t heard before and haven’t heard since.  This song may not have made a big impression on me, Scritti Politti, but what this song portended had a lasting impact.

lyrics to “Perfect Way”

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