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Radio 65, side A, track 2: “Sinead O’Connor and the National Anthem”

SineadOh, Sinead O’Connor, there’s nothing I like more than a DJ with an opinion on news items.

That was me being sarcastic, Sinead O’Connor.  I’m sure back in the day I was probably annoyed with you when I heard this story, because at the time DJs were my trusted source of what I should think.  Now, I realize the old adage about opinions and assholes is more true than ever.  And as much as I can’t stand “journalism” these days, the absolute worst is a music DJ throwing in his or her two cents just to fill up some air time.  It was around the Iraq War when I first really realized just how obnoxious and uneducated the airwaves could get, and things have gotten much worse in the last decade and a half.

BUT, this is not that kind of blog, so I’m not going down that road, because my opinion isn’t any more informed than the DJ in this clip.  The only thing I can say with absolute confidence is that you’re an amazing singer, Sinead O’Connor.  It’s all I know and all I WANT to know.

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