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Radio 77, side A, track 7: “Do It Again” by Steely Dan

Steely Dan - Do It AgainOh, Steely Dan, I had no idea that I was a Steely Dan fan.  But after listening to this one and “Peg”, damn if I don’t think you’re all kinds of awesome.  I recognize your songs but no idea it was you playin’ ’em, and I’d never really payed much attention to the lyrics and they are DARK, my friends.  Dark as hell.  But wrapped up in this innocuous, mellow jazzy sound.  I mean, this particular song and its theme of making the same mistake over and over with no end, that’s chilling.  It brings to mind that scene in “American Horror Story: Coven” when they all go to hell and Misty Day. . .here’s the thing, Steely Dan, I can’t even really write about it.  I’m posting a clip below, but I didn’t even watch it again.  I saw it the first time and it will haunt me forever.  Maybe y’all and Ryan Murphy should compare notes, ’cause I think you would totally get each other.

lyrics to “Do It Again”

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