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Radio 73, side B, track 8: “The Joker” by The Steve Miller Band

The Joker - The Steve Miller BandOh, The Steve Miller Band, I don’t have any specific memories of this song, and I imagine there are thousands upon millions of words already written about this one.  So I’m not going to add too many more.  Even though I don’t know when I first heard this, or hell, the most recent time I’ve heard this, it doesn’t really matter.  This song has been around all my life and I’ve clearly heard it many, many times because I know every line and guitar riff.  It’s actually kind of crazy that I can’t tell you even one time where this song has shown up in my life.  It’s just always been there and has fused with my cells.  It’s the kind of song that’s so great, so classic (in the best sense of the word), that you take its existence for granted.  So I guess I’m sorry I’ve taken you for granted, The Steve Miller Band, but thanks for sure showin’ me a good time.

lyrics to “The Joker”

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