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Radio 67, side B, track 1: “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)” by Stevie B

Because I Love You - Stevie BOh, Stevie B, I distinctly remember trying to sing this song and singing it badly.  No surprise, since your voice is unsurpassed.  But how could you NOT want to sing along to this one?  The way you sing “I love you” is so overwrought, so over-the-top (all of this in a good way), that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you really do love her (him?  I’m not judgin’, Stevie B).

Also, how delightful that you got a letter and it inspired you to write a song?!?!  I’m serious, Stevie B.  I LOVE the mail!  LOVE IT!  I’ve probably written about this before, but the mailbox was my real lifeline to the outside world.  That’s where I heard from my pen pals.  Besides taping music off the radio, the only other real way I got music was through Columbia House mailing me cassettes.  My dad got his Newsweeks in the mail, which I read, and discovered the world is a shit show.  My mom got her Redbooks in the mail, which I also read, and I learned about what a quickie was and when and where to have them, amongst other important housewifery lessons.  I love the idea of sending and receiving letters.  I make my own envelopes out of old calendars and I make homemade birthday cards for my family and friends, and since I have a ginormous family, I get to send cards and letters out all the time.  Maybe when I send out my cards and letters, I should start including a cassette tape of this song playing in a loop. . .

Maybe not.

But I think you get the point, Stevie B.  I love the mail.  Always have.  Even before the days of ebay and Amazon where I could have comic books and toys mailed DIRECTLY TO MY DOOR!!!!  I kinda want to sing this song to my postman next time I see him.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

lyrics to “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)”

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